Inspired by Cormac McCarthy's novel - the apocalyptic masterpiece that is The Road - Aftermath pits you against the elements of a dying world. You must reach the safe haven of Oakburn, but your journey won't be easy and you must consider your decisions carefully to have any hope of making it.

The game functions like the Gamebooks of old, where you click links in the passages to perform actions and move through the story. But pay attention, because the link's colour will slowly blend into that of the rest of the text and will therefore no longer be obvious.

A few tips before you begin:

You can die - save often.

Keep an eye on those links before they blend with the rest of the text.

Although there are options to disable ambient sounds and indeed all audio, the game plays much better - from an immersive perspective - with sound enabled.


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Hey, it seems I'm stuck. I'm not sure to see all of the text.

Edit: well, by tweaking with the zoom I was able t play a little more, but I'm stuck again.

And is there a way to play it fullscreen? Or maybe turn the background black !

I like the sounds though !

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I take it you're playing on a mobile, Lemente? It's not really suitable for mobiles. Not sure what you mean about turning the background black - it IS black.

If you load the game from here it should open up in fullscreen:

I was not on mobile.
But your link is working, thanks !